About Us

Our mission
Our vision

We support building healthy collaboration in groups with people from diverse backgrounds by facilitating environments of trust & connection, equipping and offering tools and guiding towards co-creation of a own collaboration manifesto.

Our Vision is to contribute to an inter-connected, inclusive and harmonious society, which creates co-beneficial interactions with the planet and within each other.

Our Values & Principles

for Regeneration


We believe in recognizing the ancient wisdom of our Forefathers and Foremothers to ensure a good future for the generations to come. 

We acknowledge the four basic elements of our planet and its ability to regenerate.

To forge a sustainable future we honor the four dimensions of evolution in life.

Together we can contribute to the regeneration of the planet!


Our Co-Hosts

Asha Murphy

David Parejo

Eller Everett

Thomas Haselböck

Let's Collaborate!

Are you interested in the work of 4ReGen and want to connect? We are happy to explore synergies and to find ways how we can work together.

Our Eco-System